The Adventures of Yumeko Asagiri, the Purple Knight Saber



It is the year 2054, and Yumeko Asagiri is your more-or-less normal sixteen-year-old girl.  At least until she finds out that her mother and her 'aunts' used to be the Knight Sabers of urban legend.  As it turns out, Genom is about to pick up where they left off, and they're going to be needing some help.  And guess who they want to join the group!

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It is the year 2055, and after the events of Next Gen, Yumeko is forced to hide out on the other side of the Pacific, in the U.S., to get away from the long arm of Genom as well as recover from recent events.  So while she tries to battle the remainder of high school as well as her mind, the rest of the Knight Sabers must deal with the new leader of Genom!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4



Taking place shortly after FTA, Yumeko finds herself dropped into another dimension along with Craig Reed (of Bubblegum Avatar) and Bert Van Vliet (of The Bubblegum Zone).  Not only must they team together to protect the Knight Sabers of this dimension from an unknown villain, but if they fail, not only will this world collapse, but so will theirs.

A crossover story written by Amanda Stair (me), Craig Reed, and Bert Van Vliet.

Read 3K here (Actually, disregard this link, Geocities is obsolete, feel free to e-mail Bert at for a copy of 3K parts 1-3)




Almost a year after the events of FTA and 3K, Yumeko is now nineteen years old, living on her own...and still a Knight Saber, of course.  In fact, things are going about as good as they could be, until the Sabers land a big job; the U.N. wants them to recover the OMS, which has apparently been stolen from Genom by an unknown faction.  At the same time, Yumeko has taken charge of a girl who's lost her memory, but who ends up playing an unwitting participant in the events to come...

Read Half Moon here (mature readers only)




A story of the past and present.  It's been several months since the events of Half Moon, and while on the outside it would seem Yumeko has gotten herself together, on the inside she is struggling more than she would ever want to let on.  If she is to move on and face the future, she must come to terms with the past, both long-ago and recent events, as they have all had a hand in shaping who the girl we know as Yumeko Asagiri really is.

Read A Deviant's Days here (mature readers only)




There are those close to Yumeko who will never see the inside of a hardsuit.  Instead, they wage their own daily battles, big and small.  They are the ones who were privileged to call themselves, at one time or another, Yumeko's best friend.  Michiko.  Xania.  Emi.  A glimpse at the days of their lives.

Read One Degree of Separation here




A prequel story, best read after Next Gen.  This goes into Priss' state of mind after the attack on her after her tour, as well as the shock of finding out she is going to be a mother.  How our favorite rocker does a 180 in her life.

Read Innocent Guilt here