The Adventures of Yumeko Asagiri, the Purple Knight Saber

main characters

Name: Yumeko Asagiri (朝霧夢子, Japanese order)
DOB: 8 June 2038
Height: 163 cm/5'4"
Hardsuit colors: Predominantly purple, accented with silver and black

When we are introduced to Yumeko in Next Gen, she is sixteen years old and a second-year student at Kihi Senior High, renowned for her gymnastic abilities (with her sights set on the 2056 Nairobi Olympics) as well as her hot temper, inherited from her mother.  However, it is these abilities that lead Sylia to recruit her as the fifth Knight Saber when Genom resurfaces after a two-decade dormancy.

She alternately relishes and despises her role as a Knight Saber, wanting to keep some semblance of a normal life yet unwilling to just sit by while her mother and aunts fight.  Events through Next Gen and FTA (and the crossover Three Knights) force Yumeko to grow up quickly, leading us to view a very different Yumeko later on in Half Moon and ADD, at age nineteen.

Name: Priss Asagiri (プリス・朝霧, Western order)
DOB: 27 May 2013
Height: 168 cm/5'6"
Hardsuit colors: Predominantly blue, accented with red and silver

Her attempted solo career in Crash having failed, Priss had a reunion with her band, and in 2036 the band was able to release their debut CD, to much success, and embarked on a worldwide tour.  It was shortly after coming home from this tour that Priss was attacked and found herself pregnant with Yumeko.  Traumatized by the experience, she nevertheless embraced her new role and, while still recording and touring with the Replicants, has done her best to be the best mother to Yumeko that she can be.

She is supportive of Yumeko in her role as a Knight Saber, though her motherly instincts can get in the way when it comes to battle.  During FTA she is especially adamant about destroying Genom and specifically Madigan, no matter what the cost to herself, just so long as her daughter can have something of a normal life.

Name: Sylia Stingray (シリア・スティングレイ, Western order)
DOB: 31 May 2010
Height: 179 cm/5'10"
Hardsuit colors: Predominantly silver/light blue, accented with dark blue

Even after the Knight Sabers retired in the mid-2030's, as the leader of the Knight Sabers Sylia knew she had to be prepared for the day that the Sabers might have had to don their suits again.  That day didn't come for nineteen years, but come it did, and so in seeking help for the aging Sabers, she saw potential in Priss' young daughter Yumeko and took her under her wing, training her in the ways of Boomer battle.

Knowing that she is like her daughter, Sylia has to be stern with Yumeko to try to keep her in line (never mind that she IS still a teenager).  Still, having watched her grow up, she, like the others, is protective of her and has to try to be the level-headed one when the others get overwhelmed.

Name: Linna Yamazaki (リンナ・山崎, Western order)
DOB: 20 October 2012
Height: 176 cm/5'9"
Hardsuit colors: Predominantly olive green, accented with red and silver

After the events of Crisis and Crash and the failure of her attempted career as a stockbroker, Linna went back to her first passion, gymnastics, and opened up her own gym called the Beehive.  With Yumeko showing potential as a gymnast from a young age, Linna trained her to become one of the world's best, and it is largely because of her influence that Yumeko has become a potent Knight Saber.

Being the more serious aunt type to Nene's bubbliness, Linna is the one that Yumeko comes to for advice, and she is also the one to help Yumeko not give up after the disastrous events at the summit in Next Gen leave her with potentially crippling injuries.  She plays a role in helping Yumeko get her own gym set up as well.


Name: Nene Romanova (ネネ・ロマノーヴァ, Western order)
DOB: 31 August 2014
Height: 156 cm/5'1"
Hardsuit colors: Predominantly red, accented with blue and white

After the ADP disbanded when Genom went into dormancy (read: lawsuits up to their ears), Nene went to help out Sylia at her Silky Doll lingerie shop, assisting her in helping it branch out throughout Japan while also keeping a close eye on Genom's movements.  When Genom resumes activities Nene once again steps into her role as the team hacker and communications specialist, and while she has some fighting capabilities it is with computer that her true abilities shine.

Due to Nene's immaturity (she likes to think she's still a teenager, to the contrary of her true age), she is someone that Yumeko can goof around with and feel at ease with.