The Adventures of Yumeko Asagiri, the Purple Knight Saber

About the author

 Yes, yes, the obligatory "about the author" page.  Skip if you wish, but I'm gonna talk anyway.

 My name is Amanda Stair.  I was born July 19, 1983 in Anchorage, Alaska, which makes me currently 31 years old.  My family having originally been from the Denver area, we moved back down when I was four.  It's been heavily suggested that I am autistic, and although I do not have a formal diagnosis, in college my psychologist did give me a preliminary diagnosis of PDD-NOS, although my family thinks it's more along the lines of Asperger's Syndrome, which would certainly explain my obsession over BGC.  ^_^

You see, BGC has been the love of my life since I was thirteen.  Back then, I knew my older brother Joe was into anime and such, and after we got into a fight one day I decided to make it up to him by renting him an anime.  That tape ended up being the second episode of Bubblegum Crash (which I'd been eyeing myself and been slightly curious about).  After watching that, I was amazed at what I saw, so I rented the other tapes the video store had, and from then on I was hooked.

The idea for Next Gen came along in late '98, with me basically just wondering what it would be like if Priss were raped and, even worse, had a child as a result.  With little more than that and perhaps having that same child be a Knight Saber in my head, I went ahead and started Next Gen at the end of January 1999, at age fifteen.  At first I would put together scenes in e-mail and send them off to friends to see what they thought, but starting with part 2 I began using MS Word instead.

I was attending Columbine High School at the time, and I had the misfortune of being in the library at the time of the shooting (during the diary entry scenes in part 2).  As much as I've tried to keep real-life issues out of my stories, every now and then you may see a little...subtle reference to it.

Anyway, after graduating from high school in 2001, I went on to attend Arapahoe Community College, where I got my associate of arts degree in '03, then on to the University of Colorado at Boulder, where I got a bachelor's degree in Japanese in '05.

So what have I done since then?  Write!  Oh yeah, and as of fall 2014, attend grad school at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs...;)