The Adventures of Yumeko Asagiri, the Purple Knight Saber

Yumeko Asagiri's world

Twenty years after Bubblegum Crisis came to an end, Genom is back at their old tricks again.  The Knight Sabers, having long retired, are in their forties now and enjoying normal lives.  Can they don their hardsuits and confront Genom's Boomers once again?

Nobody said it'd be impossible.  But they're going to need some help.  Enter Priss' teenage daughter, Yumeko.

These are her stories of being the girl in the purple hardsuit.


Legal stuff:
Bubblegum Crisis/Crash are property of Artmic & Youmex, copyright 1987-91.
Translation/subtitles, AnimEigo, copyright 1991-92.
Bubblegum Crisis - The Next Generation, Amanda Stair, copyright 1999-2001.
Bubblegum Crisis - A Farewell to Arms, Amanda Stair, copyright 2002-06.
Bubblegum Crisis - Innocent Guilt, Amanda Stair, copyright 2004.
Bubblegum Crisis - Half Moon, Amanda Stair, copyright 2007-08.
Bubblegum Crisis - A Deviant's Days, Amanda Stair, copyright 2008-09.
Bubblegum Crisis - One Degree of Separation, Amanda Stair, copyright 2009.
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